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all about Collinsville's Pit Pony

Congratulations Collinsville!

The Pit Pony Experience, launched on the 28th of November, 2015, celebrates┬áthe 25 year anniversary since the retirement of Australia’s last working pit ponies, Wharrier and Mr Ed.

To commemorate the lives of the pit ponies, the small community of Collinsville came together to raise $190,500 in just 60 days to build their very own bronze sculpture of a lifesize pit pony. Standing at over 18 hands, the Collinsville pit ponies were typically Clydesdale horses, making for one impressive monument! Behind the pit pony stands a donators wall, listing everyone who participated in the fundraising campaign.

To learn more about the Collinsville pit ponies please browse through our blog. We are collecting stories, so if you know of any personal or family tales, please contact us.

You can also browse through the Pit Pony shop and purchase merchandise. To contact us, follow the links in the menu, or drop into the Collinsville Connect Telecentre.